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How Nurse Practitioner-Medical Legal Consultants (NP-MLC) are the Answer to all the Medical Malpractice Trial Attorneys' Problems... And How APRNs Can Get Started


Elisa Collins on Why there is a Movement Among Nurse Practitioners in Medical Legal Consulting

In this podcast episode on Justice Counts, Elisa Collins (host of, nurse practitioner and Coordinator of Consulting Services at the largest group of APRN medical legal consultants in the country, Discovery NP Legal Consultants), discusses first, why medical legal consultants such as legal nurse consultants (LNCs) are so valuable to the medical malpractice trial attorney. 

Elisa's episode provides talking points for nurse practitioners in the medical legal consulting space about why their degree and clinical experience make them uniquely qualified and preferable for the consulting role in this space. 


Elisa Collins on Why Nurse Practitioners are Truly Ideal for the Role of Legal Nurse Consultant

In this episode of The Nurse Keith Podcast, Elisa discusses legal nurse consulting as an outside-the-box career option for which nurse practitioners and APRNs are highly qualified and well-suited as both nurses and diagnosticians/prescribers. From her experience in medical malpractice cases, Elisa offers advice about how nurse practitioners can practice and document defensively in their clinical roles. She discusses the importance of considering mentorship when venturing into entrepreneurship of any kind, and reveals who her mentor is and how that mentor has made a difference for Elisa in launching her business.